Thursday, May 9, 2013

Last Blog Post

When looking at what I had hoped for this semester in this class, I feel like my goals were accomplished. I came into this wanted to be able to see fairy tales in a new and more mature light. After just knowing the basics of these stories from a young age, I definitely had a great time learning about them from more psychological and theme oriented views. I have learned the importance of colors, numbers, clothing, lack of one gender, names, etc. and what they say about the meaning of the story. Looking back, I definitely say it was a fun ride. I feel like it was a very good selection of a variety of stories that gave us a good idea of how archetypes can be seen in all different cultures with that culture's zeitgeist. I was definitely challenged to think outside the box and to not limit my own knowledge and understanding to get in the way of being open to new ways of looking at these stories. The reading for this class was a good amount and I feel like it was enough to cover the discussed stories but not overbearing. Overall, I really did have a great time in this class and I feel like I learned a whole lot.

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